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Music producer. 

Elan Polushko is a very innovative musician and producer today. Developing his own style of beat making, composing and sound design. He focuses on Analogue synthesizers, live recording and combining these elements to create interesting soundscapes and grooves. He has been a touring musician, more recently Moby. As well as having his own studio he has worked for post audio sound houses in Los Angeles working on movies, commercials and video games such as Assassin Creed, God of War and Lair and most recently the new Oculus Rift.

Elan loves teaching and sharing new ideas about producing music.


Elan grew up in London. He began studying the guitar with classical guitarist Gilbert Biberian and later with jazz Bass player Peter Ind who owned a studio in London’s Hoxton Square called ‘Wave studios’ Where Elan worked, learning music and recording. This was one of the main studios for a lot of incredible bands in London at the time. He later set up his own studio and signed a deal with Chrysalis Music and continued to hone his skills writing and producing.

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